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Graduate Fellowships
  • What does it mean to integrate our faith in our day-to-day practice?
  • How do we live faithfully in our workplace environment?
  • How do you manage a busy practice, a growing family, and ever increasing commitments to our communities and the church?
  • How do we not "burn out"?
  • How do we bring up our children in the City we love?
  • How do we keep our marriages from falling apart?
  • How do we find a suitable spouse while managing a busy practice?
  • How can we be faithful stewards of the money we earn?
These are some of the questions our graduate members ask themselves. There are no pre-set answers, and we, too, learn by mistakes.

Together, we seek to discover biblical answers to these burning questions and live them out in our communities.

Graduate Fellowship meetings occur every two months or so.
Graduates meet at Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island, and northern New Jersey.

Graduate Fellowship meetings are coordinated by Dr Elaine Eng.

For more information, please email