pro gloria Deus

We are a unified and growing community of physicians and dentists dedicated to glorifying God and transforming lives through the love of Christ.


We exist to encourage, strengthen and equip physicians and dentists to glorify God by:
  • living out the character of Christ in their homes, workplaces, communities and around the world;
  • cultivating loving communities based upon need, common interest, or specialty to reach, mentor, and partner with healthcare professionals;
  • pursuing professional excellence and compassion through Christ-centered care to those in need;
  • creating forums of dialogue to address issues relevant to healthcare;
  • serving area churches.
We believe in the importance of Hippocratic ethics in the profession of medicine and dentistry. 

CMDAnyc Executive Council provides local leadership, vision casting, and accountability alongside the Area Director.  Members include:
  • Jennifer Jao, MD MPH (President)
  • David Kim, MD (Vice President - Student Ministries)
  • Matthew Y. Suh, MD MPH (Vice President - Fundraising, IT)
  • Karis Cho, MD (Resident and Women's Ministries)
  • Meredith Hawkins, MD (Area Director Recruitment)
  • Elaine Eng, MD (Graduate Ministries)
  • Ryan S. Lee, DDS MPH MHA (Treasurer)
  • Randall P. Owen, MD FACS (President Emeritus, Council Member at Large)
  • Ali Ko Tsai, MD FACOG (Area Director Emeritus)
Recently, we celebrated 7 years of ministry by Dr. Ali Ko with CMDAnyc at a banquet.
Thank you, Ali, for you love and dedication to this ministry!